Kayaking on the Adreatic Ocean

Author: Esto

Our family of six decided to hire kayaks. We walked down to the beach and hired three kayaks. We went out on the ocean. Dad and I shared a kayak, Eulain and Ruzow and Mum and Kali. One of the staff told Mum and Kali to take the thin kayak. That was the best one and it went very fast. Dad and I made a good team. Not quite as good as Mum and Kali, but better than Eulain and Ruzow.

We kayaked for two hours. I really enjoyed it. We stopped a few times to have a swim. The water was refreshing and very, very blue. It was the hottest time of the day.

When we came back, I was tired. We walked home and had lunch. It was very nice. I washed all the dishes. Kali, Eulain and I walked to the kiosk to buy ice cream for all six of us. We ran back, because we did not want the ice cream to melt. Back home we sat on the porch and ate our ice cream. After that we went for a swim. It was lots of fun. We all played with a ball in the ocean.


– Esto –





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