Eye opening experience

Author: Kali

It was when we were in Santiago, that I realised, that I was very spoilt when I was back home. Everyday items that I always took for granted, now become luxuries. And also, I had to consider that I was in a third world country…

Our accommodation in Santiago was less than -1 star (according to me…). Dad said it was just different than what we were used to. But really, it needed some serious work, pronto! I was already unhappy for having white buns from the supermarket, with some kind of cold meat and cheese for the how-manyeth time that week, so I decided to have egg on my bun instead.  I opened the cupboard to find a dirty, food encrusted pan, with no handle or lid. I was disgusted at this, mumbling how stupid this was, and what sort of place has a dirty pan with no lid or handle?!

I was going through the usual routine of buttering the pan and doing the eggs, when both my eggs broke and stuck to the pan. I was so upset.  I called dad for help, but without a handle to the pan, and dad trying to scrape my eggs from the surface of the pan… This turned my fried eggs, into scrambled eggs. I was furious. When I finally had it scraped off the pan, I didn’t even feel hungry anymore, even though I was ‘starving’ before. I was still forced to eat it, though. This is when I realised… things aren’t like they are at home… I am spoilt.

From then on, throughout my journey, I’ve just kept saying to myself ‘this is not home… it’s the experience…’. It has been hard, though. Especially when you walk into a toilet cubicle and toilet paper and other unknown substances carpet the floor, and you don’t know whether it’s worth entering. But then again comes that voice: ‘it is the experience…’

-Until next time,

– Kali –

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