Prižba, Korčula

Author: Mariza

12 July

An ink blue ocean, dotted with little islands – that is the view from our apartment in Prižba on the island of Korčula, Croatia. Sitting on the porch drinking in this view became the main activity for four days. Combine this with 30kn (6 Aussie dollar) locally produced red wine and you’ve got it made.

I have to confess something here. After our incredible experience in the tiny village of Račišće, we were disappointed at first. Shameful, I know. Here we are in paradise and finding our hearts left behind in an old stone village.

We did, however, find a space in our full hearts for this richer, more modern haven rather quickly. It is truly beautiful and the ocean spectacular. We swam, played pine cone cricket and kayaked around the little Adriatic islands. And we once again met beautiful people.


Our hosts, Daniel and Katiča are the nicest, warmest people. The kind you instantly want to be friends with. We had lovely conversations and Daniel took Jarik and Ruzow out fishing on his boat. A huge highlight for my beautiful boy! He was chatterboxing on a total high for over an hour upon returning. So wonderful to see. My personal highlight was having coffee on the stairs overlooking the ocean followed by a final sunset swim and chat with Katiča. I can’t believe we’re leaving early tomorrow morning.

Our last Prižba dinner was a feast consisting of fish we bought from a local fisherman after our morning run. Jarik and the kids did a fabulous job and had loads of fun cleaning and preparing it.


As I watch the little islands disappear as darkness drives out the pinkish blue sky, my heart is grateful. The first bright stars are already appearing. Soon the moon will hang over the ocean too. I am so very blessed.

– Mariza –



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  1. Our favourite part of the day in Croatia was also sunsets…amazing, beautiful…we also lost our hearts in Croatia


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