Kayaking in Prižba

Author: Kali

Wanting to make the most of the amazing ocean water and sun here in the little town of Prižba, we rented three kayaks to explore the Adriatic Ocean and surrounding islands. Mum and I; Eulain and Ruzow; Dad and Esto.

On advice of one of the locals, mum and I ended up choosing the best kayak for the choppy water.

As I slid it into the crystal clear water, we arranged that I was to sit in the front and mum to direct from the back. From the start our team worked together perfectly.

Normal… Okay, one left then two rights.’ Mum would command from the back seat and immediately we would change over to steer ourselves around the many little islands and coves. We had the same rhythm so mum and I were able to glide swiftly through the azure waters. We were way ahead of the others (I think the kayak might’ve been to our advantage) and had the time to stop and swim in the middle of nowhere. We anchored our kayak on a lonely beach, and drifted with the breeze. This was a special connecting time between mum and I on a kayak, in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.

Our aim was to row to a costal town called Brna to have ice cream. We were about a kilometre from it, when we realised that we would not have enough time to stop for ice cream and be back in time  to return the kayaks.

Our time in Prizba consisted mostly of swimming in the glorious water and admiring the view from our balcony. We managed quite a bit of school work too.

We made up for our loss, having ice cream on the balcony of our lovely apartment, overlooking the ocean. How blessed we are to experience the world, together as a family. I look forward to more adventure together! 😁

Until next time,

– Kali-





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