Captain Croatia!

Author: Ruzow

Dad woke me up at 4:30am. I quickly got dressed and had breakfast. Everybody else was still asleep as we went outside. Dad and I were going fishing with Daniel, the owner of the place we were staying at.

Less than ten minutes later, we were on the boat and getting ready to leave. When we were about 50 metre away from the mooring, I looked back and my gaze was met by a beautiful sunrise. It was magnificent. I watched the clear blue water for a few more minutes, when Daniel suddenly announced that I was to steer the vessel. He showed me how all the levers work and before I knew it, I had become Captain Croatia.

Captain Croatia

Over the next two hours, we pulled in 4 nets, each of them 200 metes long. In total, we caught 16 fish, but Daniel only kept twelve of them because the other 4 were poisonous. The biggest was to be sold to cover the fuel costs and the rest for Daniel and his family to eat.

All too soon it was time to head back. I sped us through the water to the mooring, carefully veering around a man on a kayak. Daniel then took over and tied the boat to the mooring.

The voyage was now over.

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⚓️ Captain Croatia – Ruzow ⚓️




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