Dubrovnik, Croatia

Author: Mariza

16 July 2017

Stunningly beautiful, but way overpriced and far too many tourists.

Our very kind hostess welcomed us at the ferry terminal and walked us up the steep hill to our apartment. Daniela and her family have gone the extra ten miles in their hosting efforts, leaving all sorts of treats for us.

A typical socialist era apartment building has been in the family for generations. The family now mainly rent it out to tourists over the summer months. The main source of income around here. The famSAMSUNG CSCily live in a small village outside Dubrovnik from where they operate their laundry business. Renting business space in the city is simply too expensive. They drive in every day to pick up and deliver laundry. Mostly from hotels, restaurants and tourist apartments. The mother is a civil engineer who cannot find a job in that field. It is tourism or nothing, she tells us.

After exploring the old city, we end up on a beach with rye bread and a bottle of red wine. A great spot for enjoying the sunset and avoiding the crowds. We watch the boats sail into the harbour. And we reflect on how very blessed we are.


We don’t do any tours or touristy things that cost money in this expensive city. We do wander through the beautiful limestone streets of the old city with thousands of tourists, though. And we enjoy the magic of rows and rows of little tables lining the narrow alleys. This is especially wonderful at night. We also walk around the harbour cove and swim in the cool, blue water. The beaches are nothing special considering where we’ve recently been. We have been spoilt!

As our bus snakes out of Dubrovnik we have a last glance over the old city. It’s impressive walls making a stunning contrast with the deep blue ocean around it.

Our next stop is Kotor, Montenegro.

– Mariza –


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