Račišće – My Favourite Place on Earth

Author: Mariza

12 July

We found it. Our retirement village. Račišće, a tiny sea side speck of a place on the Croatian island of Korčula.

Not even our way too eventful journey to this little town could dampen our instant besottedness with it. This is where we would love to spend the rest of our days.

Over the past few days, Jarik and I have devised all sorts of plans to acquire property and make a way to live here, even with four school aged hockey/soccer/rugby/cricket/tennis/anything sport related crazy children in tow. This place is really THAT amazing. Our kids feel very rooted in Brisbane, Australia. Us parents, we do too, and we don’t. I think we’ve been uprooted enough times to make us realise we could carve out a fabulous home anywhere on the planet. And our hearts have been expanded enough to realise there will always be room for more precious people. We know that every relationship enriches us and provides us with an opportunity to feel and to love and to share. And will make our family expand in the most wonderful way.

We are daydreaming, yes. But we’re also having so many reality checks along the way. We are in the privileged position to be able to settle and make a living (in some places less glamorous than others) almost anywhere in the world. How incredible is that?! We could even have an impact. Help transform an entire community.

Račišće is the most beautiful, charming little village I have ever seen. Behind it lies lush green hills and in front of it the clearest, bluest, most beautiful ocean. All the buildings are built out of stone or cleverly covered in stone facades. All the roofs are the same colour. The entire village overlooks the beautiful bay, containing a small harbour full of lovely little boats. In the distance is the mainland.

Our apartment is smack bang in the middle of the village, front row, right on the water and on the third floor. We have a balcony the entire length of the place. From every bed in the three bedrooms, opening onto the balcony, you have an ocean view. STUNNING!!

Our hosts, Martin and Danka, are the kindest, friendliest, most wonderful people. Family straight away. We start our relationship around a table in their backyard with homemade grappa and sherry.

We meet another Croatian family on our first night. They have been vacationing here for the past eight years. We can totally see why. We will most definitely join them some time in the future.

I think every place after this will be a disappointment. It has been and is an absolute dream come true. I will forever treasure the precious memories created here with my family. Swimming in the sea of glass, jumping from the harbour wall, discovering hidden limestone beaches. Drinking in sunrises and sunsets in breathtakingly beautiful settings. I have totally lost my heart.

– Mariza –


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