A little village called…

Author: Eulain

After the “Stroll on the invisible path” we found ourselves on a narrow paved road. We walked on it for about fifteen minutes before we entered a small village called Račišće . It had about thirty houses. We immediately looked for our place. It was not hard to find because there were only twelve homes on the water, and one of them was ours.

We were at number 107. There were no streets, it was that small that each house just had a number. We dropped our bags, slipped into our togs and jumped into the clear blue sea. It was quite hard to get to the water because the whole beach was made out of rocks.

The next day Ruzow and I went to the mini market to go get some breakfast. I noticed a funny car. It had red squares painted all over and it had a doll stuck to the front! After breakfast we went to the beach and for the rest of our stay that is where we spent the most of our time.

– Eulain –

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