Beautiful Baños

Author: Mariza

2 June 2017

Baños is beautiful!!!! Green mountains all around. We loved it the moment we saw it. Strolling from the bus station to our hostel, all uphill, we passed a square containing a market and a soccer field. No sooner have we dropped our bags, or our children announce they’re off to play soccer. About an hour later, Jarik and I found them in the middle of a soccer game, having the time of their lives. We watched them for about half an hour and then left without them to explore the rest of the town. We had to literally drag them to dinner later that night. So much fun to be among other children!

Our room with six bunk beds in our charming little hostel is in the basement. We share a bathroom with a handful of other travellers. It is clean and… IT HAS HOT WATER!!!! Whoodeewhoopwhoop!! Breakfast is great and we happily pay the additional US$1 per two eggs.

Our kids announced earlier tonight that we should only stay in hostels. That was after we had a delightful evening with a bunch of other travellers from all over the world in the hostel courtyard. Always fun to hear others’ life and travel stories. The staff here is a great lot as well. We love chatting to them too.


We’ve now enjoyed a full day of bike rides to different waterfalls with a quick zip line adventure in between, as well as a day of hiking in the mountains which included a swing over the valley on the famous National Geographic front page picture swing off a tree house.

WP_20170602_13_12_14_Pro (2)Tomorrow will be a quiet day, including some school work and planning our amazon jungle adventure. We will definitely grab food from Sam’s, as they produce the best homemade burgers and fries at the best prices ever. Not your normal fast food joint at all!! Even the mayonnaise is freshly made right there. Delicious!!

To get to the deep jungle entails another overnight bus ride. I shall not think about that for the next two days. I shall focus on beautiful Baños and drink it all in. How very privileged we are.


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