My First Real Zipline Experience

Author: Ruzow

2 June 2017

I was very exited as we walked towards the men handing out equipment. The men fitted me into a harness. When we started walking up the metal stairs to the platform, I felt adrenaline surge through my body. I stepped out onto a tiny platform with railing around it. Kali, Mum and I got hooked to the metal line. The gate opened, my eyes closed, nothing happened, I opened my eyes just as … whoosh (video)……….. we had left the platform.

Kali closed her eyes and started screaming from that moment, until her feet touched the ground at the end. Meanwhile, Mum and I were gazing at the river and forest bordering it, drinking in the scenery. It was over within half a minute.

The highlight of my day!!!!!

– Ruzow –

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