Entering Ecuador

Author: Ruzow

We woke up early, to start our trip to Ecuador. We had been staying in Chachapoyas, Peru and had quite a few bus, mini van and motor taxi rides ahead of us before we would reach the border.
After having been on rough, windy mountain roads, with numerous land slides, places where the road had given way to the cliffs and many more hazards, for nine hours, we arrived at the border. We had a late lunch / early dinner, before getting ready to cross the border. After about twenty minutes in customs on the Peruvian side, we were allowed to cross the bridge into Ecuador. In Ecuador, the customs took only about ten minutes. At long last we had arrived.

We walked over to a truck, that had been turned into a people mover, by adding benches. We climbed aboard, securing our bags to our legs, as the truck was crowded and had no sides to keep anything inside, just the benches!!! We had one and a half hours on this thing. About an hour into our ride, Eulain went to sit next to Dad so another man could have a seat. She was still standing on the ground, when the driver started going! She just jumped onto the side and held on, till she could be seated again. That was the only exiting happening of the ride. A while later, we arrived at Zumba, the small village where we were going spend the night, before going to Cuenca the next morning.

   In Zumba, we walked down the small main street for about a minute, then we spotted a hotel. We went in and got two rooms. We were all really tired and straight away got ready for bed. We were ready for a good night’s sleep.

– Ruzow –

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