My Amazing Birthday!

Author: Kali

From the moment I was awakened by beautiful singing, to being lulled to sleep by the steady clack-clack and rock of the train, I had a fabulous time! My family spoilt me in every possible way from swimming and playing on the beach and having ice cold mango smoothies at the beach bar, to even balloons on my train bed. I was showered with many gifts, goodies and cards and squeezed so many times it felt as if I would burst.

I laughed as the others told me the ordeal of firstly finding a bakery, choosing a cake, trying to explain the flavours and decoration to a Vietnamese speaking lady, only to end up receiving a cake that has ‘collect 21/10’ decoratively written on it.

Eulain and I spent some precious moments together. Every time I would look over to Eulain, my ‘sand castle building’ buddy, she would draw a heart or write a short message for me in the brown sand. Esto clung to me like syrup and did every possible thing (including a two man bodysurf!) with a large smile and a high five. Ruzow knows me so well! He outdid himself and organised practically everything and worked hard in preparation and planning to make the day special.

Mum made a huge fuss about me turning five and not being a toddler anymore. Well mum… double that and add four! The years have flown by fast. Too fast! I loved every second of the exciting, surprising and unforgettable day with my amazing family. I wish this year, the adventure in particular, would never end!


Until next time,


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  1. Such a special time and your family rocks in every way. You too Kali, you are a beautiful soul and it has been a privilege to read your travelling diary and get to know you in some small way. Hope to visit soon when you come back to Australia xx


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