Quy Nhon, A Beach City With No Foreign Tourists

Author: Ruzow

Quy Nhon is a quiet beach city on the coast of Vietnam. We spent four days there and quickly grew to love it.


The city has a more local atmosphere than any of the other cities we have visited in Vietnam. There are street-side restaurants with little tables and stools everywhere, that serve everything from snails to sea serpents. A curious thing I noticed is that it seems to be a Quy Nhon custom that, when at a restaurant, all unwanted food and rubbish are simply discarded under the table. A concept completely foreign to me. The local men also seem to have a love for drinking warm beer with ice and having a go at street karaoke. This is extremely painful to listen to!

My favourite drink in Vietnam and also a Quy Nhon speciality, is a mango smoothie. The best was the one we had at Aloo Café. We sat at a little street table while enjoying our rich and creamy beverages. Quy Nhon also has delicious, fresh and really strange seafood. When you arrive at a restaurant the first things that meet your eyes, are containers full of live sea creatures waiting to appear on your plate. After having a few different meals, I decided that Bap (a type of fish) served with spring rolls was definitely my favourite. I will, however, not go back for the huge clams.


A nice way to start the day in the city is a stroll or a jog along the beach promenade followed by a swim in the ocean. The city itself is very beautiful, clean and well maintained and there are gardens and parks everywhere.

Walking along the beach during the late afternoon/early evening, was amazing. The beach was bustling with people playing football and volleyball, along with people sitting at the little drink shacks.

There weren’t more than a handful of tourists while we were there. This is exactly what we hoped for. An authentic Vietnamese city experience.

– Ruzow –

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  1. Hello family, Adam Bell here. It was lovely to meet you all and hear about your travels at Ramo Resort. Safe travels and hope you keep on adventuring.


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