Pula and Kalmanjak

Author: Eulain

One morning, while we were staying in Motovun, we decided to do a road trip to Pula. We packed a picnic lunch and our togs (swimmers). After about half an hour in the car, Ruzow yelled out “Dad turn left! We are at the parking lot.”

Ruzow guided us on a self-guided walking tour that he downloaded on the ipad. Our guide lead us straight to the colosseum. It is magnificent, although not as big as the one in Rome. We also saw a few historic stone arches, temples and other things.

After our tour, we walked back to the car and drove to a place that was highly recommended by our host in Motovun. We followed a narrow dirt road to the ocean. The blue sea was just what you would have wanted on a hot day like that.

For the next few hours we were in and out of the water. At lunch time we had a picnic on the rocks. It was now very hot and we started to search for shady spots to put all our things.

After a while, the sea started to get quite rough. But for me this was the most enjoyable time. I would jump into the water from the rocks, then wait for the big waves to pass and then try to get back out. It is in the moments like these that you build the best memories.


[Unfortunately we did not have a camera with us to capture the fantastic time at Kalmanjak]


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