Montenegro to Serbia by Train

Author: Mariza

Good bye Montenegro. It’s been a pleasure. Especially your mountains.

We boarded a train early in the morning in Bar, a coastal town in Montenegro. Equipped with enough food for an army, we settled down in our compartment for our twelve hour journey. (It ended up being a lot longer!)

An entire day of drinking in the most beautiful scenery. What a joy! All through the mountains of Montenegro we snaked. And we took far too many photographs. Mostly me. I just could not help myself. Such beauty!!

This was our day for school work and writing blog posts. Not that the scenery around us was helping me get stuck in. The rest were doing a better job.

Dramatic mountains, lush green meadows and emerald rivers for miles and miles. Quant little villages on the slopes of green hills. Vegetable gardens and corn fields – every village has these.

We crossed the border into Bosnia and later Serbia. I feel so rich to see and experience all these amazing places. And to think I am sharing it with my husband and four children. Incredible blessing!!

We arrived in Belgrade hours after the scheduled time. We carried our backpacks for three and a half kilometres to our apartment where our friendly host was waiting for us. Apparently this is normal for Serbian trains, so he wasn’t taken by surprise.

It has been a long day, but very memorable. Train rides are the best!

– Mariza –

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