Road Tripping in Montenegro

Author: Mariza

24 July 2017

We hired a tiny white Renault Cleo for a few days of exploring the Montenegro mountains. What a wonderful adventure! How we squeezed all our backpacks and six people into that tiny vehicle is still beyond me. We had heaps of fun, though, despite the tummy bug and lack of space.

The mountains are spectacular! Dramatic limestone cliffs contrasted with lush green trees of different kinds. Deep canyons with clear, bright green rivers at the bottom. Breathtakingly beautiful! No picture can do it any justice. It has to be experienced, breathed in. We did try to capture some of this magnificence, although the measures we took are better left unpublished.

We stayed in a different village each night. Our accommodation ranged from old stone cottages to wooden mountain cabins, each time in a stunning, unique setting. Sometimes on the bank of a river and other times in a cherry and apple orchard.

Hiking in those mountains is an experience I will never forget. The landscape changes are vast and dramatic. There are too many incredible photo opportunities. Many hours are not enough to drink in the gloriousness.

One of my most precious memories is the six of us lying in a meadow high up in the mountains, talking and laughing and having dry bread and wine. Time stood still as we exchanged heart secrets, lying on our backs, sunshine on our faces.

Swimming in the famous Black Lake was another highlight. Surrounded by mountains, the cool water was the perfect ending to a long, exhausting walk.

We know this, but we realise once again, we love nature and we love remote places.

– Mariza –



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  1. Hi Mariza,

    your trip looks amazing! I read your comment about how “no photo can do it justice”. What are using, a camera phone or a camera? If it is a camera, can you change the settings to shoot in RAW file format? Because I can definitely do some post processing for you and really make your landscape shots pretty special. If you feel like trying it, email me a landscape shot in RAW (or JPEG if you can’t change it) and I will show you what I can do with it. Then you can pick out your favourites and send to me as you go and I will happily work on them for you.



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