Croatia – Split & Omiš

Author: Mariza

It is high summer season in Split as we arrive from the airport by bus. Vines and olive trees and crystal blue ocean along the way. The first part of Split as you approach from the bus station and cruise liner harbour is very touristy. Holiday festivity sort of air, but nothing too impressive. Except the glorious ocean. That is impressive from every angle. Ink blue water, even in the harbour. My kind of water!! (As opposed to brown… as in my beloved home city).

As we make our way through the interesting little streets to our beautiful old apartment, we start falling in love with Split. Drinking in the perfect view from every window of our gorgeous abode concludes the process. We have lost our hearts.

Over the course of three days we explore the old, stone built city. Dating from the second century. We get lost in the tiny streets with alleyways and stone staircases in all directions. Beautiful stone buildings with orangey brown tiled roofs and green shutters. Everything looks similar, but different. Unique pieces creating a perfect whole. I LOVE it!

We go for long runs along the shoreline, discovering beautiful pebbly beaches. We bathe in the glorious blue ocean and dry ourselves in the bright, warm sun. We laugh and dream and drink in a beautiful old wold city.


Our next stop is the lovely little town of Omiš. We find ourselves in a fabulous two bedroom apartment overlooking the old city. From our balcony we drink in the morning and evening colour changes over impressive limestone cliffs. We eat and drink and run and swim, all with the beautiful blue ocean at our feet.


On a particularly adventurous day, we walk from sea side village to sea side village, only in our swimmers and a sarong. We dive into the crystal clear water again and again in different spots, one more beautiful than the next. And we fall ever deeper in love with this beautiful place.

At one point, sun kissed and nicely tired, we decide to have some refreshments on the beach. Great was our shock, horror and disappointment as we discover everything is cash only and the closest cash machine is in the town we are staying, now a day walk away. Jarik brought only enough cash for the local bus back and a credit card. Oh my!!

A friendly beach bar owner offer to have us drink on the house and have us bring the money the following day. We politely decline. We will never see this place again, unfortunately. We leave for a nearby island in the morning.

Making a long, exhausting story short, we ended up getting a free lift in a tiny car. Not before waiting at a bus stop for over an hour and a two hour uphill walk in the blazing sun before that. But all is well that ends well. We made it back with time to spare for another walk up a river gorge. Crazy family, I know.

Early the next morning we were up and ready for our next adventure. This one turning out a whole lot worse and more adventurous than ever expected!! An update to follow from the pen of one of our surviving children.

– Mariza –



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