Ultimate… Spectacular… Awesome…(USA)

Author: Kali

29 June

Our time in the USA was simply too short. There were too many people we could not see, even though we would have loved to. However, the few we had the chance to see was definitely worth every second. We had many special moments and precious conversations with some of our dearest friends. It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone!

It was a big shock for me to see the grown up faces instead of the chubby baby ones that were so familiar to me throughout my childhood. With every family we saw, there was an instant reconnection between all of the children, even though we had not seen each other for over 5 years.

As soon as we had hopped off the plane into the USA, it felt as if we had entered luxury. It is funny how little things that used to be normal can excite you after not having them. These are now luxuries. We got so spoilt in the USA that the transition back to cheap and cheerful backpacking life has been rather difficult.

IMG_7832 (2)

A few notes…

  • Katie, instead of writing this I would much rather want to sit with you in your hammock and chat. I have scouted through the trees near our cottage and have found the perfect two. Looking forward to seeing you in Australia!😋
  • McCurtis Children, I would trade anything to swim in the sunlight with you guys  for endless hours. It was so much fun and I really started missing it now that I’m in the icy cold of Finland,  thinking through our fabulous time together. 😄
  • Shinae, It was wonderful to see you and spend such valuable time with you. It was so strange to have you drive us around. Those cakes still haunt me at night. I run around the house in search of them. 😝
  • Emma, I had a wonderful time with you! Thank you so much for all the effort and thought you guys went through to enable us to have such a spectacular time. Maybe next time I’ll be able to fly through time on The Bullet, with my hands in the air and return to the normal pace of earth alive. 😜
  • Pieszchalas, it was so special to see you, even though there wasn’t even time to sit down. Just to see all your beautiful faces and say hallo was such a delight. I am so glad we took the chance to see you guys on the way to the airport. Can’t wait to see you in our living room not too long from now. ❤️
  • Hope, it was absolutely wonderful to see you! You have grown from a little nine-year old (whom I still remember playing with) to a beautiful young lady who has a heart with endless volume. I am so excited for what lies ahead in your bright and exciting future. Maybe we can meet up somewhere around the world!
  • Chellie, I’m still waiting for you to arrive as my personal chef and baker. Thank you so much for all the delicious dishes and meals you magicked from the kitchen. Please come cook for us!! 😉
  • Conrad, drowning out the Red Sox supporters with our loud and enthusiastic Astros cheering was something I will never forget. It was so much fun to be in the stadium with you guys. No wonder my voice was gone the next day. Also, the shooting was something spectacular. Thank you for being brave enough to teach and show me how it is done. Next time I will surprise you! 😝

Until next time,

–  Kali –

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