Baseball time!

Author: Ruzow

It was late afternoon, when our parents dropped me, Kali, Eulain, Esto, Shinae, Michelle, Conrad and Emma off in front of Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston. I could hear the roaring crowd from where we stood in line outside the stadium. Our seats were high above the pitch and I had a perfect view of the home base.

The game had already begun a few minutes ago. Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox. Most people, including us, were cheering for the Astros. This meant every time the small minority of Red Sox fans began cheering us Astros supporters quickly drowned them out.

It was a very close game, but in the end, the Red Sox managed to get away with a 2-1 win. Even though our team had not won, I was still happy to have been able to see the game and be part of the stadium atmosphere.

Thank you very much Wessels Kids!!!

– Ruzow –


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