Arrival in Peru

Author: Ruzow

We got up at about 2am Chilean time. We all rushed to get ready. Our flight to Peru was at 6am. The flight was fine, other than not being able to recline our seats, but I fell asleep anyway. After a bit of school work, we landed safe and sound in Lima, Peru at 8am local time.

The owner of the apartment we were staying in, had organised a taxi to pick us up at the airport. Once we were on the road, we were astounded to see that there were no rules at all!!! All the cars, busses and other vehicles were crammed with people. They were all speeding and weaving from one side of the road to the other, trying to take every gap they could possibly get.

About half an hour later, we arrived at our apartment. We got out of the taxi and went in. It was Eulain and my turn to choose the room, so we took the one on the top floor.

A little later, we went to a park where we joined a tour group. With the tour, we saw all of downtown Lima, it was very interesting. We walked into an old cathedral, watched a bit of a parade in front of the president’s office, saw a museum and much, much more.

Afterwards, we went for lunch at a traditional Peruvian restaurant. The food was amazing. I enjoyed and savoured every last mouthful.

WP_20170503_14_34_27_Pro (Small)

Afterwards, we headed back home on the Metro Bus. When we arrived back home, we got ready to go for a run. We ran along the Malecon clifftop walkways. It was really nice. There were other people exercising, riding skateboards and having picnics. Later when we were back in our apartment, we ate some fruit, and got ready for bed and so we concluded our first day in Peru.

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– Ruzow –


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