Endless steps!

Author: Eulain

We were so excited!! We were going to climb Machu Picchu today. We got up nice and early at about 3:00am and grabbed our day bags and rushed down to eat our porridge. This was oatmeal and boiling water mixed to together.

We needed our head torches for the walk, as it was still dark. We hurried along the small streets and got to the long line to enter the gates of Machu Picchu. After a very long wait we got into the gates leading us up to Machu Picchu. It was time to start our journey….

The steps were extremely steep. Because it was still so cold we didn’t sweat much. We were some of the first people to get to the top. We even beat the bus! It took us 36 minutes in total. We were so tired already. To get up to Machu Picchu we clambered over nearly 700 stone steps!!!

When we got to the top I was so disappointed. There was a road, toilet and what looked like a service desk. By the desk there was another line. We joined it to see what was going to happen. Then when we finally reached the desk, we saw that you had to swipe your passport against a screen of some sort.

When you enter, you nearly explode with the beautiful sight. There were beautiful mountains on each side of the huge stone city made by the Inkas.

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– Eulain –


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