Eye opening experience

Author: Kali

It was when we were in Santiago, that I realised, that I was very spoilt when I was back home. Everyday items that I always took for granted, now become luxuries. And also, I had to consider that I was in a third world country…

Our accommodation in Santiago was less than -1 star (according to me…). Dad said it was just different than what we were used to. But really, it needed some serious work, pronto! I was already unhappy for having white buns from the supermarket, with some kind of cold meat and cheese for the how-manyeth time that week, so I decided to have egg on my bun instead.  I opened the cupboard to find a dirty, food encrusted pan, with no handle or lid. I was disgusted at this, mumbling how stupid this was, and what sort of place has a dirty pan with no lid or handle?!

I was going through the usual routine of buttering the pan and doing the eggs, when both my eggs broke and stuck to the pan. I was so upset.  I called dad for help, but without a handle to the pan, and dad trying to scrape my eggs from the surface of the pan… This turned my fried eggs, into scrambled eggs. I was furious. When I finally had it scraped off the pan, I didn’t even feel hungry anymore, even though I was ‘starving’ before. I was still forced to eat it, though. This is when I realised… things aren’t like they are at home… I am spoilt.

From then on, throughout my journey, I’ve just kept saying to myself ‘this is not home… it’s the experience…’. It has been hard, though. Especially when you walk into a toilet cubicle and toilet paper and other unknown substances carpet the floor, and you don’t know whether it’s worth entering. But then again comes that voice: ‘it is the experience…’

-Until next time,

– Kali –

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  1. Kali, you are learning so much through this. I’m praying for you to see the beauty of every place in spite of the outward circumstances. Thanks for aha info your experienc.

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  2. Ah Kali Nonnie….It’s all an Adventure. It’s not that you spoiled. It’s just different standards. This experience will form your character and will help you appreciate the life you have. We must be so greatful for what we have. We have very protective lives and this will open your eyes to reality of life.
    Enjoy the Adventure every moment of it. You will have lots of stories to tell. See this opportunity as a privilege. Take in all the beauty and learn from this experience.
    Love you lots
    Ouma Mel
    ps…see my previous message disappeared. …


    1. Ja, Tannie Lappie. Dit is maar betymaal moelik, maar meestal vol avontuur en verrassings. Dankie dat Tannie Lappie na ons blog gekyk het. Een of ander tyd moet ons Skype. Lief vir jou, en soen al die ander Hammies… ❤😊

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  3. I completely agree with you, we are very spoilt😊
    I can’t wait to read more of your posts👍🏻

    Love you guys

    P.s. how do you hold a pan without a handle??

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