Recovering in KL

Author: Jarik

Our five days in Kuala Lumpur came and went in a hazy daze of fever and sleep. The whole family, each and every one of us, came down with a bout of aching limbs and a throbbing headache lasting about three days. During this blurred time we also had to change accommodation three times as we did not intend to stay in the city for the full period, but just did not have the energy to move on. This was the only time during our travels thus far that we were all not well.

On our last day in the growing and surprisingly modern city, some of us perked up enough to participate in a walking tour of the city. We were delighted that the tour included some of the landmarks that Grandpa Gordon recommended we visit. The highlight was a peek into the Royal Selangor Club, a place we believe was Grandpa’s second home when he was enjoying the high life of the city some fifty years ago. It was just a peek, as the heart of the club is still “gentlemen only” and only the ladies had recovered sufficiently to see the tour through to the end.

Our next stop is Hanoi and to our relief, we received the email confirmation of our visas for Vietnam just in time to board the plane. Adventure awaits.

– Jarik –

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