Agra’s Youngest Tuk-Tuk Driver

Author: Esto

We strolled out of the hotel to go to the train station. A man walked towards us and asked “Are you ready to go with the tuk-tuk? The price is 120 rupees.” “No, no! That’s too much,” said Mum. Then she said: “The most we are going to pay is 60”. We decided to walk further. Then another tuk-tuk driver came. His price was the same as the first driver.

And then another tuk-tuk stopped next to us. We asked if we can go with him for 60. He said no, but he would take us for 70. Then we put the large bags in the back of the tuk-tuk. It was very hard to fit everything. We had to keep some of the bags on our laps.

Ruzow and I got into the front, Ruzow on the right and me on the left side of the driver. And then, the friendly driver told me to drive the tuk-tuk. He held on to the one side of the handlebar and I took hold of the other side. And then he let go of his side! He told me to take the other side too. I was driving the tuk-tuk!

There were lots of cars, tuk-tuks, horses and people in the road. There were also cows in the road, sometimes standing right in front of us. Then the driver (me) pressed the horn! I drove us all the way to the train station. The man then said “You are a very good driver. Tomorrow morning at six o’clock your new job as a tuk-tuk driver with me begins!”.

I really enjoyed being the driver. I was a little scared, but it was a lot of fun.

– Esto –

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