Quito and The End of South America

WP_20170612_12_44_46_RichAuthor: Mariza

13 June

After the initial rocky start, Quito turned out a lovely city. Our new accommodation was great and we enjoyed delicious breakfast in the restaurant below us every morning. We went on a four hour walking tour of the historical centre with a great guide who taught us a lot about the city and the history of Ecuador. We’ve learnt that is the best way to find your feet in a new place.

Over the last few days we saw many beautiful cathedrals (Quito has seven in one street!), visited the presidential palace, visited the Middle of The World museum and had our feet in both the northern and southern hemisphere at the same time.

Quito marked the end of our South American adventure. And what an adventure it has been! Loved it!

We were up at 2 this morning and left our hostel in the back of a truck at 3am. This was organised by our hostess and cost us an arm and a leg. We were piled into the back of a cooler truck and driven to the airport with the one back door open for oxygen. It ended up being mostly exhaust fumes. Maybe a good thing as we needed something for the nerves. Jarik nearly fell out the back when we made a sudden turn. We had a good chuckle about our interesting transportation in the past three months and going in and out of Ecuador on the back of a truck.

We are on our way to Miami now. By plane. Very civilised. Then to Atlanta. This is going to be a long day! But the reward at the end of it will be more than worth it. America here we come!

– Mariza –

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