Travel by numbers

Author: Jarik

We have now been “in transit” for seventy days in South America and have just entered our fourth country (Ecuador) three days ago. We have travelled from the southern most tip of South America and are closing in on the equator which we will reach in Quito, our last stop on the continent. Thus far we have covered an impressive 622km on foot and have spent a night in 32 different beds. We have also been in a bus, car, boat, tuk-tuk or taxi 63 times. We are also happy to report that we rid the planet of 31 bottles of wine during the process.

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Our travel data shows a strong correlation between the number of bus rides and bottles of wine consumed in Chile and Argentina (1.1 and 1.7 bottles/bus respectively). The relationship deteriorated significantly to only 0.4 in Peru. This is partly due to the wines from Peru’s Ica Valley not falling easily on our palate and our introduction to pisco sour. We have plans in place to rectify this and trust that we will be able to improve the ratio in countries to follow.

–  Jarik –

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