Lima, Peru

Author: Mariza

6 May 2017

Our introduction to Peru was a drive from hell in a taxi from the airport to our apartment in Lima. No speed limits, no safety belts, no one seat per person, no lanes, no rules. The bigger the vehicle, the more right of way. Everything from busses to tiny motorcycle cars weave and hoot and miraculously survive the chaos. Our driver belly laughed at our kids, who stared in shock and astonishment with open mouths, letting out involuntary gasps. Jarik and I put on our bravest faces and made conversation in our broken Spanish between holding on for dear life and dealing with whiplash.

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I was surprised about the utter third worldness we encountered for three quarters of our first trip in the capital of Peru. I somehow expected it to be more developed. Half built houses, mixed with shacks of all shapes and substances sprawled out as far as the eye can see. People everywhere – on top, inside, hanging out. This is what I expected to see in India.

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As we got closer to our apartment in Miraflores, the chaos got more organised and the dwellings more “normal”. The man at the gate where we were dropped off spoke no English and didn’t look as though he expected us. Kali got rather worried when he wanted to take us upstairs while leaving Jarik’s passport at the entrance. In the end we convinced him to give it back and all was well. The apartment has ocean glimpses and spreads over three levels. A very interesting place. Three nights and much exploring later, we were rather sad to say goodbye and hand out hugs at the gate.
On our last day in Lima, we took ourselves on a tour to Barranco. What a gorgeous, fascinating place! The architecture is incredible and the laneways are colourful and alive with character. We enjoyed coffee at an art gallery. Best coffee yet!

We strolled through Bajada de los Bañ (a beautiful walkway through Barranco) all the way down to the pebble beach. From here we watched the sun set over the ocean. Absolutely spectacular! As the waves crash over the large pebbles, the pulling back of the tide creates the most beautiful sound. Pebble music. Love, love, love!!!

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We walked for miles in the dusk and later dark, all along the ocean. Our reward: massive pancakes under ferry lights, overlooking the dark ocean. Super special.

– Mariza –

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