Mount Fitzroy – Argentina

7 April 2017

Author: Mariza

Forgive me,  but yet again, this was “the most amazing walk EVER”!! No wonder it’s the most popular walk around here and draws trekkers from all over the globe. Stunning, stunning scenery for the entire 20km walk!

We were up at 6 and started our walk at 8am after a delicious breakfast of hot porridge. The entire way up the mountain was freezing cold. We saw lots of frozen ponds and scatterings of snow from the previous day. There was also quite a bit of fog initially, which could be a little disheartening when you depend on clear skies for your view. It did, however, clear up to perfect blue skies and gorgeous views as we were having lunch at the lake at the foot of Mount Fitzroy.

It really is as gorgeous as everyone proclaims and absolutely worth that torturous climb for the last kilometre. And yes, it really is too dangerous for a rainy or windy day. We have been blessed with perfect weather yet again. Apparently there are only two perfect weeks here a year and we happened to choose one of them. Lucky us! 😊

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