Up to the Torres

Author: Ruzow

We started our hike up the mountains to Torres Lookout at about 8am. Throughout the hike, I saw many beautiful and amazing things. The mountains were full of beautiful flora, fauna and beautiful streams and a river.

We climbed up the rocky track and came to a part of the path where we had to walk through a narrow stretch right on the edge of a high cliff above the river. It was very exciting. Soon we came to the Chileano ranger station. There we only had a look around, filled our water bottles and set off on our journey again.

During the entire hike, we had to cross many streams and a river. Every time we came to a stream, we would have to scramble across, trying hard not to get wet. Esto slipped almost every time. Some parts of the track were muddy, and others were just rocky, but altogether, it made it more of an adventure.

Then we arrived at the final stretch of the hike. It was rocky and very rough going. We slowly but surely clambered up. For most of the time, we were using our hands to grip the rocks in front of us. We had to go up single file for most of the way. I slipped twice and hurt my arm, luckily not badly.

Finally, we arrived at the lookout, the view was astounding!!!! There were large boulders around a lake. This lake was at the foot of the three peaks. It was beautiful. I saw the mountains around these peaks were of different colours and some were covered in snow. This hike was the best I have ever done.

– Ruzow –

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