Off to Patagonia

So after a short, eventful night, we are on our way to Punta Arenas. Patagonia here we come!!

Esto, our six year old, took a rather serious tumble from his bunk bed around midnight. It took a while to determine the damage, as he held his right eye, blood dripping onto everything. A nasty tear starting in the right hand corner of his right eye and out towards his cheek clearly needed stitches. Fortunately we came well equipped with steri-strips, so Dr Dad did a fabulous job of “stitching” him up. An hour later we were all back in bed, Esto safely on the floor next to me.

All too soon the alarm went off. Time to pack the last now dry laundry bits in our bags and give our little apartment a quick clean. Boiled eggs and buttered bread in hand, we descended the sixteen floors to where Mr Uber loaded us into his little car and safely drove us to the airport. Much more relaxing than our taxi ride in.

By now I think we realise that every airport will entail standing in long lines for a very long time. It amazes me how accepting people seem to be of this. Such incredible patience. I was not gifted with this grace, so I have to exert all my willpower to stay calm and friendly.

Window seats for flying out of Santiago is a must! The city is surrounded by mountains. Add to that a glorious sunrise and you’re set for picture perfection. Left hand side window seats provide one with a breathtakingly beautiful view of snow capped mountains and glacier lakes.

– Mariza –


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