On our way!

It is finally time for us to take the first step in our crazy adventure to travel around the world over the next eight months.

After weeks of hard work and preparation to finish the extensions to our house and setting it up as an airbnb, we finally got everything packed into our backpacks for the big trip. We would have loved to give what we packed more thought, but as we ran out of time, we basically just stuffed what we thought we’d need into the small packs in the early hours of the morning before we left!

We were exhausted from the hard work and lack of sleep in the days leading up to our departure. We made it to the airport with hours to spare – a lesson we learnt from our recent trip to South Africa. Then however, the wait began…our first flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles was delayed with more than 5 hours! We were forced to just slow down…….and wait. Having access to one of the airline lounges was fantastic and made relaxing easy. Stop – breathe in – exhale.

We are really on our way!






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